Meals & Snacks


We pride ourselves on providing nutritious and delicious meals and snacks of exceptional quality.  Our Food Services Department is lead by an experienced and skilled Chef.

Meal times are generally 8:30 am for breakfast, 1:00 pm for lunch, 5:30 pm for dinner and 9:00 pm for snack. Refreshments between meals consist of coffee, tea, and seasonal fruit to keep all our guests well nourished throughout their stay.

Sample Menu

A sampling of Meals served at Camp Jubilee:


Breakfast is served with juice, cereal, toast, fruit and:

  • Pancakes and Sausage; or
  • Bacon and Eggs; or
  • Waffles and Ham; or
  • Breakfast Wrap


Lunch is served with salad and/or homemade soup and:

  • Chicken Fingers; or
  • Sandwich Bar; or
  • Hamburgers and Fries; or
  • Chicken Burgers 
  • Chicken Salad Wrap; or
  • Grilled Ham/Cheese Sandwich


Dinner is served with a salad bar and:

  • Penne with Meat Sauce; or
  • Roast Pork; or
  • Lasagna; or
  • Chicken Dinner

Evening Snack 

Cookie or Pastry

Special Diets

Camp Jubilee can accommodate most special diets including vegetarian, vegan, pork free, beef free, etc. We have a separate Special Diets kitchen and dedicated cook who focus on providing delicious alternatives.

Any food allergies, sensitivities and or dietary needs must be communicated prior to your arrival (a minimum of 14 days prior) so we can ensure our Special Diets kitchen can accommodate. Upon registration/booking, you will be provided the opportunity to list your dietary needs. For those that have very restrictive diets, we also encourage you to bring some of your own meals/favourite snacks which will be stored in our guest fridge.



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